What is the Sprawl?

The Sprawl
2 min readDec 3, 2022


The American Dream On The Blockchain.

The Sprawl is an upcoming Web3 sandbox city game, run democratically by the community. Inside the city, you can find multiple districts which have their own buildings and homes as NFTs, owned by the players. The laws and taxes of each district are governed by its members.

Jobs are what drive the economy of the city. You can earn income, progress your career and grow your community. You can be a taxi driver, garbage collector, or police officer. You can even be an outlaw, participating in illegal street races or stealing from delivery vehicles or banks.

Multiplayer Experience

The Sprawl is a massively multiplayer game, so everyone you see is another player. Having a city with thousands of real players is technically challenging, yet our BlackLite infrastructure allows us to handle and sync thousands of concurrent players at low cost.

In most current open world games, the world runs locally for each player. But in the Sprawl, everyone is playing in the same environment, everyone’s actions affecting everyone else.

Web3 Games

Most Web3 games fail because they are solely focused on monetization. Teams often have little or zero gaming background, and the purpose of their game is just to make money.

But we were a gaming studio long before getting involved in Web3 and we specialized in persistent open worlds games. The Sprawl is built to be fun and engaging. We are using blockchain because of its technological advantages, allowing us to easily and efficiently implement governance, ownership and a dynamic economy.

Black Block

Our studio, Black Block, consists of an international team with offices in Helsinki. Our team members have worked on top grossing franchises from Angry Birds to Grand Theft Auto, and collectively have over 70 years of experience in the gaming development industry. We have received funding from Play Ventures, the Finnish government and other experienced games industry entrepreneurs as angel investors.

The Sprawl

Our game is simply filling an inevitable niche, and we happen to have the technology, the team and the experience to pull it off. We need an open sandbox city game with a player-driven economy, and Web3 needs a serious game that can best utilize its features as a tool and not as a marketing gimmick.

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